Taking Action

At St Columba's we take our responsibility to take action seriously. We aspire to help create a world that is more equitable, peaceful and just. We also know that assisting our students to see the outcome of their positive choices helps to empower them as citizens who can make a difference.

We are in a unique position at St Columba's as our parish includes Sacred Heart St Kilda and in turn Sacred Heart Mission. There are many ways we support and nurture this connection including:

  • Visits to Sacred Heart Mission Aged Care by our year students
  • Fundraising and bake sales which support the Mission in its work
  • Hosting visitors from Sacred Heart Mission at events such as our Carols Evening and Community Arts Expos
  • Writing letters and cards for residents at the Mission's Aged Care facilities especially during COVID-19
  • Creating Pamper Parcels for Sacred Heart Home Care
  • Raising money via our Mother's day stall for the Sacred Heart Mission Women's House
  • Attending Healing Masses and serving refreshments post Mass (Years 3-6)
  • Supporting the Dine with Heart Initiative (this is linked to Eucharist at Year 4)
  • Donating non-perishable goods to Sacred Heart Food Hall
In addition to this, our school looks for other opportunities to assist those in need locally, nationally and globally. Some examples include:
  • Creating yearly Christmas hampers for St. Vincent DePaul
  • Participating in the Caritas Easter Appeal each year
  • Holding a yearly Friendship Fair - all proceeds raised on the day allows us to further support the work of Caritas
  • Hosting Book Swaps and Stalls which contribute to 'The Indigenous Literacy Fund'
  • Involvement with Soktober - Sock it to Poverty
  • School wide support of initiatives led by our Social Justice student leadership team 
One of the messages we send to our students is that helping others is not just about fundraising. We love opportunities where students are connected and able to make age appropriate contributions to make a difference. This may be a Prep student choosing to give up a book or toy that is in good condition, a Year 3 who donates a coat they no longer need, or a Year 5 who writes a heartfelt letter to someone in the Sacred Heart Mission Aged Care residence that brings them joy.

What our parents & students say

"Outstanding school and vibrant, positive community. Nurturing, progressive teachers and staff that foster genuine care and friendship across the age groups from prep to grade 6."

Parent of Year 4 Student