School Refurbishment Plans

At St Columba's Primary School, we want to provide the best learning and teaching facilities for our
students and staff. Our school has an exciting three-to-five-year plan to refurbish the ground floor
building, aimed at creating a more supportive, accessible, and efficient learning and teaching

We have a well-developed master plan and are working with Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic
Schools, as well as state and federal governments, to secure funding for this visionary project. We are
proud to have funds to co-contribute to this project and welcome support from families, the parish,
community, businesses, and other sources. If you would like to contribute to this project, please
contact us to discuss.

Enhancing Learning and Wellbeing

Our $3 million refurbishment project will upgrade and modernise existing facilities to better support
our specialist education and wellbeing programs. The planned improvements include:

  •  Creating dedicated wellbeing and learning diversity spaces.
  • Creating spaces for staff planning, and small focus group learning.
  • Adding accessible bathroom facilities to ensure inclusivity for all.
  • Redesigning the ground floor for better circulation and energy efficiency, including new staff offices, a separate first aid room, a reception area, and a staff room.

Upgraded School Hall

The school hall will also undergo significant upgrades to enhance its functionality for our specialist
music and drama programs. Improvements will include:

  • Installing better acoustic separation to reduce noise and enhance the quality of our programs.
  • Upgrading the hall with a modern operable wall for more flexible use of space.
  • Enhancing heating and other essential services to make the hall more comfortable and functional.

Upgrade Outside Play Spaces

The refurbishment will also modernise our external play spaces. Improvements will include:

  • Installing drainage and resurfacing two courts that are crucial for our playground area, ensuring these spaces are safe and stimulating for the physical and mental development of our students.

What our parents & students say

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