Vision and Values

Our History

St Columba's has served the Elwood and St Kilda communities since the school was opened in 1918 by the Presentation sisters. St Columba's has always seen itself as a vital and vibrant part of the community around it. The school has seen many changes in demographics and has responded accordingly to the needs of the community.

Our Values

Our motto, 'The little school with a big heart' represents St Columba's unique culture of care, empathy and respect for diversity. This emanates from parish life and our unique association with Sacred Heart Mission, which embody these core values as their central tenets.

Our Mission

As a Catholic school, we are called to act with compassion and empathy, to respect and care for our world and for the most vulnerable and to promote inclusion and provide community. 

It is the village feel that captures the hearts of those who choose to enrol their children into St Columba's. The warmth and genuine nurturing environment that they see and feel as they enter permeates throughout the school and well into our community.

Our Vision

Now as we enter this next chapter of our school's history we see ourselves as a school for the future:

  • A school that has a rich, relevant and engaging approach to learning and teaching while maintaining its tradition of care and wellbeing.
  • A school where children truly flourish both academically and socially emotionally.
  • A school that works together with its community as partners in education.
  • A school where the 21st century is seen as an exciting new frontier where opportunities abound for each child in our care.
  • A school that leads the way with sustainable practices and actions.
  • A school that keeps at its heart the foundational tenets that it and the parish has been built upon respect, community, inclusion, care for our world and for the most vulnerable.
  • A school that clearly sets its sights on providing learning that is engaging, rigorous, purposeful and meets the needs of learning for the future.
  • A school that understands its place within the bigger global context and acknowledges and accepts the responsibility and challenges that come with this.

Our history is very much a part of who we are today and as we move forward we will strive to honour our past whilst embracing the challenge and excitement that 'St Columba's - a school for the future', promises our community.

What our parents & students say

"I have been a part of the St Columba's community now for over 30 years. First as a pupil, then as a staff member at Before and After School Care, and now as a parent. My children are thriving here now just as I did."

Parent of Prep, Year 3 and Year 4 Students