At St Columba's we have have many sporting activities for our students.

Physical Education
Our students have Physical Education twice a week on our school grounds. One hour is taken by a specialist sports teacher and the second hour is taken by the classroom teacher.

Perceptual Motor Program (PMP)
We run this program in prep, Y1 and 2. It is a movement-based program which helps younger students improve their eye/hand and eye/foot coordination, fitness, balance, locomotion and eye-tracking skills.

HOLT District
There are approximately nine schools in the HOLT District. Our year 3-6 students are involved in these events throughout the year:

Swimming Carnival
Cross Country
Winter Sports: Netball and Football teams for Year 5/6
Netball and Football Lightning Premierships
Hooptime Basketball for Year 4-6s
Athletics Carnival

Students compete at these events and those who place highly go onto the next level of competition. 


Throughout the year we engage coaches from a range of sports such as soccer, football, hockey or gymnastics to work with our students.

Once a year we have sports day with all our students. Each student is part of a House Team either Ormond (Red), Phillip (Blue) or Elster (Yellow) and they complete in different events to earn points for their team. 

What our parents & students say

"Outstanding school and vibrant, positive community. Nurturing, progressive teachers and staff that foster genuine care and friendship across the age groups from prep to grade 6."

Parent of Year 4 Student