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Wild Melbourne and making polluted water clean

Posted on 18 August 2017
Students from years 3-6 participated in the Wild Melbourne incursion on Wednesday. The story about the journey of the Yarra River was told and the pollution humans cause to the river and other waterways.

They participated in a challenge to learn about the tragedy of the commons. This was all about fishing and why being sustainable is important for resources. This has tied in with our classroom learning across the school during Inquiry and Earth Sciences. The message was about sustainability and what we can do to keep our waterways safe and clean.

Meanwhile, the Year 1/2 students explored the quesstion of ""Can you make polluted water clean again?"". The students were given a polluted supply of water. Students worked together to remove rubbish items from the water. They then had to work out ways to filter the water to try and make it clean again. The groups were able to make their water clean again by filtering the dirt and sand through a sieve (chux) and funnel.

Both sessions were filled with lots of hypothesizing and questioning, trial and error.


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