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Our kitchen garden spouts to life!

Posted on 8 April 2019
On Friday, the lovely Lauren from Port Melbourne Bunnings joined a bunch of our fabulous Green Team parents to sow the first seeds for our kitchen garden.

Our idea is to create and grow a vibrant kitchen garden to promote food education, nude food, an active healthier community, and a sustainable healthy planet.

As a 5-star ResourceSmart school, St Columba's Primary School is passionate about sustainability and creating environmental education opportunities for our students. Food education plays an important role in this curriculum.

The project - Growing a better world - will help our children to flourish in the area of food education, encouraging a lifetime of positive eating habits and environmental action.  It will also actively engage their families and the local community in the importance of healthy eating, nude food and working for a sustainable, healthy planet all keys to better living.

To kick start this dream, Port Melbourne Bunnings has generously helped us out by providing the plants, soil and tools needed to help establish a kitchen garden area at our school.

Now in the ground, our plants will be supported by garden fertilizer that has been lovingly made by St Columba's Primary School's organic closed loop composter, Cloey, using our school food waste, providing yet another link to our students and an opportunity to incorporate further environmental and food education learning.

St Columba's will be undertaking professional development and training through the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program to integrate the garden learning space into our primary school curriculum.

Any food grown in the garden will then be prepared in the nearby Parish kitchen and used as and to promote nude food snacks.

Our students will help plan and plant the garden and will then be involved in its daily use through the broader kitchen garden program, learning about both sustainability, food education and the importance of nude food.

They will also be active contributors to the garden's compost, helping prepare garden fertilizer via the closed loop composter using our school food waste.

The kitchen garden project will actively engage families and the parish community in its preparation and planting. One established, they will continue to be engaged through the fruits (and vegetables!) of our labour and the larger kitchen garden program - encouraging healthy eating, nude food and working together for a sustainable, healthy planet.

A very big thanks to Port Melbourne Bunnings for their generous support of our school and to our Green Team parents.
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