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Have you seen our new rain garden?

Posted on 18 April 2018
Have you seen our new rain garden?

This week the Eco Warriors worked under the guidance of our fabulous parent Green Team to finish our new rain garden at the entrance of the school.

The planting design and the working bee were generously organised by Karen Said (Kett) and her sister Sue (aka the Property Style Counsel team).

Every Eco Warrior meticulously planted a plant each and learnt all about rain gardens.

I had lots of fun planting with my mum and my Aunty and learning all about the different plants we were putting in, said Eco Warrior, Matilda Kett.

I learnt that the rain garden is designed to protect our canal and the bay by collecting the stormwater that runs off the roof when it rains, said Eco Warrior, Thomas Carrick.

A big thank you to April and Karen at the Port Phillip Eco Centre and the parent Green Team who have given a lot of their time and support in applying for, promoting and implementing this work. A special thanks to Karen Said, Sue Said and Anna Malone who brought Tuesday's planting plans to life.

Make sure you check out the wonderful result next time you are arriving or leaving school.

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