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Eco Warriors report back on their Energy Workshops

Posted on 15 May 2016

Tully's reflection:

This semester the years 3 and 4 have been part of a part of Eco Warrior Workshops. Here are some things we have learnt:

  • It takes more to turn on a light bulb than flicking a switch; there are actually 7 or 8 steps that are really big.
  • Did you know that if you sit down you are using 200 joules? Joules are a type of kinetic energy that you use in your everyday life, you don't actually realise you are using them.
  • Some differences about potential and kinetic energy are that; potential energy can mean fossil fuel and kinetic energy is muscle energy
  • Kinetic energy pollutes the word and creates climate change. Climate change will change the whole world and that is bad
  • Do you want to stop climate change? Climate change will kill animals and extinct some.
  • The energy that we mostly use is non-renewable.

Let's put an end to climate change!

Amy's reflection:

The year 3/4 classes have been learning about dirty energy and renewable energy. I found it very interesting that there are about 3 transformers that make the energy safe to use. Without them, when we turn on lights they would blow up. The most easy way to make energy is heating up water, the steam goes into the turbine that spins and makes electricity which is put in a containment. It is then transformed to the right stranded and this process is repeated three times then stored ready to use.

Niamh's reflection:
This term the year 3/4 Eco Warriors have been working with Sharron from the Eco Centre, we have been focusing on energy. We have learnt about different types of lights and how many watts they use. We have also learnt how many stages it takes to turn on a light. It takes 200 joules to sit on a chair and stand back up. Say if you wanted to use your computer, you would need a transformer because the computer would explode and it would have too much energy in it. We all have really enjoyed it.

Last week, Brett from Port Phillip Council came in to teach the Year 3/4s about electricity.

Sharron from the Eco Centre has been working with the Year 3/4s each week running Tomorrow's Leaders for Sustainability Workshops.

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