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Eco Warriors learn about Biodiversity

Posted on 23 June 2016
By 3/4M

On Wednesday 15th June, 3/4M walked to the St Kilda Botanical Gardens. We arrived at the Port Phillip Eco Centre where we met Sharron and Gio.

The first activity we did was talk about leaf litter. We studied the soil, and noticed how it felt and how dense it was.

We used a meter long ribbon and measured different layers of the garden. We learnt that there are three different layers to a healthy habitat. The first layer is the herb layer, which is under a meter. The second layer is the under story layer, which is over 1 meter but under 9 meters. The third layer is called the canopy layer; this layer is anything over 9 meters.

The second activity we did was with Gio. We looked closer at what was underneath leaf litter. We noticed that the soil was wet, dark and dense.

We found lots of bugs and insects under the leaf litter. Gio placed them in air tight containers so we could observe them closer. Then we put them safely back in their habitat.
Next, we went on a bush trail. Gio and Sharron rolled over a dead log and underneath we couldn't believe what we saw!

We saw a lot of cool things, like bugs, slaters, spiders and larvae. Gio said that dead logs are important for the environment because some insects find their natural habitat underneath or inside the log.

We visited the conservatory for our third activity. There we observed all the different types of leaves.

We found out that a leaf has a midrib, blades and veins. We learnt that there are 2 types of leaves; simple leaves and complex leaves.

In the conservatory, we were given paper and pencils. We focused on 1 leaf to draw in detail. We labelled our drawings.

Our last activity was finding yabbies with Gio. He searched around for the yabbies and safely picked them up for us to closely observe. We learnt that yabbies can be harmed by night birds so they like to hide underneath rocks.  Yabbies like cold, still water. We learnt that algae can grow in the water and that ít is a good thing. We also learnt that the plants in the water help it to filter it.

We had so much fun on Wednesday. We learnt a lot of new things about nature and we can't wait to learn more about biodiversity next term.

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