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No Waste Wednesdays: a great green success story

Posted on 8 March 2020
As a 5 Star Resource Smart school, our school has been hard at work growing and embedding its commitment to sustainability in the curriculum, on campus and in the community. During 2019 we established our kitchen garden program and spent time exploring the concept and importance of composting. Our students were highly engaged in the discussions and activities, so we were keen to work out a way to continue the good green work at home. Working with our wonderful parent sustainability te...
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Youth and Schools Clean up Day

Posted on 3 March 2020
Youth and Schools Clean up Day

Last Friday, the Preps to Yr 4s participated in Youth and Schools Clean up Day.

The Preps set off around the school yard to find leaves for the compost and to collect rubbish.

The 1/2s did an excellent job of cleaning up the neighborhood of Elwood and the 3/4s left the canal sparkling clean!

Thanks to all the parent volunteers for their help. The less rubbish on the streets helps to keep our environment healthy!

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No Waste Wednesday 2020

Posted on 4 February 2020
No Waste Wednesday 2020
No Waste Wednesday' will be commencing this week again for families that are keen to compost their kitchen food waste but don't have a bin at home. Last year we diverted 1128kg of food waste from landfill and turned it into compost to feed the plants in our Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden! Looking forward to having as many families involved as possible again this year!
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Take part in our new innovative recycling program

Posted on 13 December 2019
As part of our Sustainable School community, we invite you to join us in 2 innovative recycling programs:
Plastic-lid recycling program for prosthetic hands for children Bread-tag recycling program for wheelchairs We can do it in 3 easy steps! Place a dedicated container/s on your kitchen benchtop (or anywhere visible and easy-to-access) Place all coloured plastic lids (milk, juice, coke, cream) and plastic bread tags into the container/s. Once your container is full, b...
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St Columba's successful with South East Water grants program!

Posted on 14 November 2019
Our little school with the big heart has been successful in receiving $1,500 from South East Water to help support our Grow Together Garden Classroom - all thanks to the hard work of our wonderful Green Team.

In awarding the grant, South East Water said they strongly aligned with St Columba's commitment to embedding sustainable practices into our core curriculum and procedures. As strong believers in every drop of water counting, they were also excited to support the self-irrigation ...
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No Waste Wednesdays a winner!

Posted on 9 November 2019
An awesome effort to all the families participating in No Waste Wednesdays and to Anna, Susan and Laura for helping our school families and teachers reduce their organics waste one bucket at a time!

This week we collected 68.27kg of food scraps from 28 families.  This brings our total food waste diverted from landfill to almost 700kg in 3 months. We emptied our first bin of beautiful compost onto our gardens last week and can't wait to see our trees and plants flourish. 

Just ...
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