1 + 2 = 3 sustainability stars!
4 September 2016
St Columba's single sustainability star on our front gate will soon be joined by two new friends. ResourceSmart Schools has awarded us two new stars in recognition of our energy and waste progress on our school's sustainability journey bringing our grand total to three stars!

ResourceSmart Schools is a Victorian Government initiative that helps schools benefit from embedding sustainability in everything they do.

St Columba's signed up to the program in our efforts to take action...
Eco Warriors & National Tree Planting Day
4 August 2016
By Amy, Year 3/4

On the 29th of July the 3/4's participated in the National Tree Planting Day. We planted shrubs and understory plants to freshen up our school.
The title of our Inquiry unit this term is called With My Own Two Hands, and we have literally been doing things with our own two hands by planting lots of native plants in our school garden beds.

Also, in Inquiry, we are learning all about biodiversity with Sharron from the St Kilda Eco Centre during workshops on Wednesdays. We d...
Eco Warriors learn about Biodiversity
23 June 2016
By 3/4M

On Wednesday 15th June, 3/4M walked to the St Kilda Botanical Gardens. We arrived at the Port Phillip Eco Centre where we met Sharron and Gio.

The first activity we did was talk about leaf litter. We studied the soil, and noticed how it felt and how dense it was.

We used a meter long ribbon and measured different layers of the garden. We learnt that there are three different layers to a healthy habitat. The first layer is the herb layer, which is under a meter. The second layer is th...
Walking, Riding, Scooting and Loving our Streets
19 May 2016
There are two green things to add to your calendar this week to help us help the planet: 1. Walk, Ride or Scoot to School Day! Friday 20 May - before school bell Leave the car at home and enjoy a fun and fruity start to Friday with your friends. Walking, riding or scooting to school not only promotes a healthy lifestyle but it helps our environment. 2. Love Our Streets 3184 Saturday 21 May - 9.30am Our next street clean-up is this Saturday morning. The area around the shops on t...
Eco Warriors report back on their Energy Workshops
15 May 2016
Tully's reflection: This semester the years 3 and 4 have been part of a part of Eco Warrior Workshops. Here are some things we have learnt: It takes more to turn on a light bulb than flicking a switch; there are actually 7 or 8 steps that are really big. Did you know that if you sit down you are using 200 joules? Joules are a type of kinetic energy that you use in your everyday life, you don't actually realise you are using them. Some differences about potential and k...
Eco Warriors - Tomorrow's Leaders for Sustainability
10 May 2016
By Mikaela and Angelina, Year 3/4 This term the year 3/4 classes have been looking at energy saving. We've learnt how to save energy when not using it. We get energy from underground which is called non-renewable energy like coal. I learnt that we will eventually run out of coal and we need to be prepared before this happens. I also learnt that there is a machine which is put under ground and collects the coal. It goes through the pipes which lead to our houses. Things you can do: whe...

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