Years 5 & 6 busy STEAM cleaning the Bay
30 May 2018
Since mid-Term One, the Year 5/6 students have been involved in the STEAM clean the Bay program run by the Port Phillip Eco-Centre and delivered thanks to a generous grant from the Port Phillip Bay Fund.

As the title suggests, the focus of this program is engaging the students in a study that involves Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.

The sessions are aimed at developing the students understanding of our local marine life and the threats to their survival.

As a part of...
Have you seen our new rain garden?
18 April 2018
This week the Eco Warriors worked under the guidance of our fabulous parent Green Team to finish our new rain garden at the entrance of the school.

The planting design and the working bee were generously organised by Karen Said (Kett) and her sister Sue (aka the Property Style Counsel team). Every Eco Warrior meticulously planted a plant each and learnt all about rain gardens. I had lots of fun planting with my mum and my Aunty and learning all about the different plants we were putt...
STEAM cleaning the bay
1 March 2018
Last year St Columba's was thrilled to be awarded a grant from the Port Phillip Bay Fund. Our grant application - Operation STEAM Clean the Bay (Science, Tech, Engineering, Arts, Maths) - was developed through the hard work and dedication of our Green Team parents and April Seymore at the Eco Centre and will see a number of wonderful environmental improvements and opportunities come to our school over the next 3 years.

In line with the Fund's focus, the project aims to transform ...
St Columba's students gear up for National Ride2School Day
28 February 2018
St Columba's Primary students are pumping up their tyres and polishing their helmets in preparation for National Ride2School Day, being held on Friday 23 March.

The Day is part of a nationwide program that enables students to get physically active on their journey to school.

Students who ride or walk to school not only contribute to their daily exercise level, but they arrive more focused and ready to learn than those that catch the car, said Chantel Munoz from St Columba...
Water Saving Wednesdays
21 February 2018
As a school, we are trying to promote ways in which we can save our natural resources and the Green Team are hoping to encourage and educate everyone by sharing some useful tips.

Over the year parents will receive a few water saving ideas which we hope you will discuss and try to implement at home - so make sure you keep an eye out for them on FlexiBuzz.

These tips are not only good for the environment, but can also help you save money too!

Water Saving Tip #1

Turn of the tap while you br...
Learning about team-work and green-work
16 February 2018
By Gab and Jude 3/4M

We had a visit on Thursday from Sharron from the Port Phillip Eco Centre who talked to us about Sustainability.

We brainstormed on the board how we are and can be sustainable at home and school.

Then we watched a short YouTube video about a man that had courage to dance on his own and then others joined in. He was happy he inspired people to join him dancing.

We got into 4 groups and Sharron gave us recycled straws to build a tower that could stand up for at least 30 s...

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