Term 3, Grade 3/4 Inquiry Focus – Design

Week 7 saw the 3/4 students showing off their amazing design projects. The students were very confident when explaining the design process and discussing the issues they faced when working on their models:

“I designed my first model but when it was printed it was way too small so I redesigned the house, but this time it was bigger and better. However, when that was being printed it got stuck and started melting and nearly broke the printer I think. It looked a bit messed up. Then I had to wait for everyone else to print their 3D models. It was only fair as mine took 7 hours to print. Finally, when it got printed for the 3rd time it worked! It looks awesome”.
Christian F.

The unit of work was fantastic and really allowed the students to build on their patience, self-organisation and persistence. Students were able to follow their passions and create a model which suited their personal interests. In the process we had avid fashion designers, landscape gardeners, architects, interior designers, engineers and graphic designers, to name but a few. The students should be extremely proud of all of their hard work and efforts over the term.