Take part in our new innovative recycling program

As part of our Sustainable School community, we invite you to join us in 2 innovative recycling programs:

1. Plastic-lid recycling program for prosthetic hands for children: https://envision.org.au/envision-hands/

2. Bread-tag recycling program for wheelchairs: https://www.breadtagsforwheelchairs.co.za/

We can do it in 3 easy steps!

1. Place a dedicated container/s on your kitchen benchtop (or anywhere visible and easy-to-access)

2. Place all coloured plastic lids (milk, juice, coke, cream) and plastic bread tags into the container/s.

3. Once your container is full, bring it into the staff room, and separate into the 2 labelled bins in the staff room. We will do the rest!

Please start collecting and let’s help make our world a better place!