Life After Covid for Prep to Year 6

On Thursday the 19th of May, Speech Pathologist and Behavioural Specialist, Julie Liptak will hold a seminar at St Columba’s. Julie will share her knowledge on supporting children to consciously regulate their emotions and actions. This results in increased control and problem-solving abilities. Julie explores calming techniques, cognitive strategies and sensory support to give you and your child a toolbox of strategies. 

After returning to school post Covid, teachers have noticed that children are finding self-regulation, managing social situations and self-management challenging. We’ve seen students struggling to manage their interactions with peers and regulate their emotions in the classroom and especially on the playground. We have also noticed some further challenges when it comes to self-management skills and the ability to collaborate and follow a group plan. 

In order to best support our students, as teachers, we have spent time learning from Julie Liptak in order to give students the tools needed to self-regulate, develop their self-management skills and support their social interactions. We are teaching our students about the Zones of Regulation and the use of Social Thinking Strategies. The Zones is a systematic, cognitive-behavioural approach used to teach us how to regulate our feelings, energy and sensory needs in order to meet the demands of the situation around us and be successful socially. 

This seminar is designed for parents of children in Prep - Year 6.    


6:30pm - 7:30pm in the main hall.

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What our parents & students say

"One of the many aspects I love about our school is that the teachers really know my children. Not just by name but them as an individual, any learning difficulties they may be having and their individual learning."

Parent of Year 4 Student