Recent wellbeing activities

Friendship Fair
Our Friendship Fair on the last day of term 1 was a great success. Children were beyond excited about setting up their stalls and activities for everyone to visit. We had cake decorating, massage, guessing how many lollies in the jar, nail painting, lucky dip, photo booth and Pieface!! Have a look at the photos in the hall next time you visit the school.

It was a day of fun and friendship which raised $920.50 for Caritas. A mighty effort from everyone who took part. We can’t wait to do it again next year!

Wellbeing Week
At the beginning of each term we start off with a real focus on Wellbeing. This term we are looking at Emotions and Being Friendly. Each class will be involved in weekly SEL sessions developing their understanding of these concepts.

Key points covered in our unit on Emotions:

  • Feelings are important and necessary in our lives, even the unpleasant ones
  • Our feelings change a lot
  • We can understand ourselves better when we know the names of our feelings
  • You can change a bad mood into a good mood
  • You can be the boss of your own feelings
  • You need to ask ‘Did they really mean it?’ when you feel hurt and angry
  • Find a safe way to express your feelings that does not hurt anyone
  • Unhelpful thinking makes you feel worse
  • In order to understand other people you need to learn to work out how they are feeling

Playground Leaders
Our year 5 leaders will be out on the playground running activities this term on Monday and Wednesday at lunchtimes. Ball games, dance, drawing and craft will be organised each week.

Wellbeing activities at St Columba's