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Centenary celebrations

On Sunday 29th April 2018 we witnessed the culmination of many months of careful planning and preparation. Our Centenary Celebration was a wonderful expression of community spirit. It was a day where past, present and future families came together to not only reminisce but also to usher in a new chapter of our school’s story.

As I walked around the school there was such a buzz of excitement with not only talk of St Columba’s past but also about St Columba’s now. Our school’s history is rich and diverse and has been intricately woven over many years to shape the school and community we experience today.

It was testament to the role St Columba’s has played in the lives of the many students and families that have passed through its doors, and I was truly overwhelmed by the energy and excitement that was displayed so openly.

Our ‘Little School with a Big Heart’ put on a fabulous celebration on this great occasion.

A special thank you to David Withers and Ruth Green for filming and creating the above video.

Daniella Maddalena