Footy and pie day

As part of our wellbeing program at St Columba’s we like to finish term 3 with our annual Footy and Pie day. We celebrate all codes and our Year 6 leaders organise and facilitate football related games suitable for all levels to participate in.

A successful Saturday shovelling session!

Saturday saw a determined group of St Columba’s students and siblings, 3/4 Eco Warrior representatives and Green Team parents successfully shovel 7 m3 of soil into our soon-to-be Indigenous garden. The team got to work at 10.30am with shovels, wheelbarrows and rakes and managed to get their morning work out […]

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St Columba’s Greenies start work on our bird garden

An energetic group of St Columba’s students, 3/4 Eco Warrior representatives and Green Team parents rolled up their sleeves on the weekend and started work on the new Indigenous garden area for our birds. The garden is located outside the front of the school, and the aim is to install […]

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Wild Melbourne and making polluted water clean

Students from years 3-6 participated in the Wild Melbourne incursion on Wednesday. The story about the journey of the Yarra River was told and the pollution human’s cause to the river and other waterways. They participated in a challenge to learn about the tragedy of the commons. This was all […]

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Loving our streets

Last Saturday 5th August, members of the St Columba’s community participated in Love Our Street 3184. Thank you to the Taylor and Ilott families who helped to clean up a lot of rubbish around the St Columba’s precinct! There were a total of 17 volunteers from the school and wider […]

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Eco Warriors explore the environment

Last week the 3/4s went to explore the different habitats and creatures found in and around the canal and beach. First we explored the birds in the Elwood canal; some birds were swimming in the water and we found out that one part of the canal is made up of […]

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Sports carnival

What a wonderful example of community spirit and collaboration this year’s Sports Carnival was. The camaraderie, teamwork and spirit that shone through our children as they participated. Everywhere there were smiling faces, hugs, cheers and lots of encouragement towards one another. Most people would agree that good sportsmanship is about […]

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Mother’s Day

On Friday 12th May St Columba’s celebrated Mother’s Day with a liturgy for the mothers and grandmothers of our school community. The children, led by our Year 6 leaders, organised a beautiful assembly to celebrate Mother’s Day and it was wonderful to see so many able to join us in […]

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ANZAC Day 2017

On Tuesday 25 April, thirty children joined me in representing the school at the ANZAC service held on the Elwood foreshore. Participating in this occasion has steadfastly become one of our school rituals. It was wonderful to see so many of our families gathered at this event despite the inclement […]

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