Melbourne Marathon, Oct 13: Help Mick raise funds for St.Columba’s


Hi St.Columba’s parents,

I am Dad to Benny in Prep. Being the parent of a severely autistic child has meant it has been a challenge to get approval to send Benny to a mainstream school – something that is vital to the development and sense of inclusion of all autistic children.

We have been absolutely blown away by the love, care and support we’ve received from the community of St Columba’s. From all the staff, magnificent teachers and aides, the parents, his classmates and other students we have been overwhelmed by the understanding of autism and the commitment to accommodate Benny’s needs.

In order to raise awareness and understanding of autism, and also to raise funds for St.Columba’s, on October 13 I am doing the Melbourne Marathon.

All proceeds will be donated to St Columba’s, the little school with the big heart. Click here for details and to make a donation.

In 2017 I ran 62kms from the Gold Coast to Senator Pauline Hanson’s office in Brisbane. Senator Hanson had made extremely misguided and ignorant comments advocating the exclusion of autistic children from mainstream school.

Through the amazingly generous donations we raised more than $6000 for Benny and Little Souls Taking Big Steps, his early intervention centre on the Gold Coast. Whilst not expecting to receive anywhere near that amount this time around, we’ll still be extremely grateful to anyone who sponsors my run in October.

Mick Lynch.