Letter Hunt

Join the letter hunt and your family might be the winner!

October is "walk to school" month and to support this initiative we are encouraging our students to walk, ride, scoot or skate on a daily basis. Because of lockdown and remote learning, the children won't be able to walk or ride to school but they can still get active!

To make it fun and a bit of an adventure,  we have set out a 'Letter Hunt" within the school neighbourhood. There are 13 letters for the children to find. All the letters together form a sentence. At the end of October we will draw a winner.

Joining is simple: find the letters, make the sentence, fill in the form below and maybe your family wins the prize!!  Every child is welcome to join, even if you don't attend our school. 

PRIZE: an outdoor and addictive Finnish log throwing game is a race to get exactly 50 points. It will bring family and friends of all ages together for a good old fashioned contest at the park, the beach or in your own backyard.

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