Learning science for the environment

Over the past few weeks, our 3/4 Eco Warriors have been lucky to have some pre-service teachers from ACU come in to run some science lessons with us. Here’s what they had to say about the lessons:

Audrey: In our workshop, we have been learning different ways to reduce our water and power usage. We used an app to work out how much water and power over the course of the year we would use. We
presented our findings to the class and then gave some solutions on how we could become more sustainable and reduce our energy and water wastage.

Jono: During our science lesson, we completed a survey online on how much water and electricity we used. It told us how much pollution we were causing and solutions we could implement to limit it. We then presented to the class how much CO2 we were contributing to the planet and what we could do to minimise our CO2 output.

Will K: In our workshop we learnt how the melting polar ice caps will affect our environment and lifestyle. Using a model island, we experimented with the sea level and saw that if it rose many islands and coastal areas would be affected. We learnt that if the planet continued to heat up through global warming we wouldn’t be able to go to the snow and our quality of life would be affected.

Jasmine: During our science lesson we were investigating solids, liquid and non-Newtonian fluids (can be both a solid and liquid). We mixed ¼ cup of water, 1 cup of cornstarch and 3 drops of food dye to create “oobleck”. When you hit it or rub in it turned hard, but when you left it to sit, it liquefied and oozed through your fingers. It was lots of fun playing the “oobleck”.