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Enrolment information

St Columba’s Primary School has established the following enrolment guidelines.

Enrolment criteria, should there be more applications than places:

  1. Siblings of current or past students.
  2. Catholic children who reside in Elwood / St Kilda West.
  3. Catholic children who do not reside in Elwood / St Kilda West.
  4. Other Christian children who live in Elwood / St Kilda West.
  5. Non-Christian children who live in Elwood / St Kilda West.
  6. Non-Christian children who reside outside the parish.
  • Enrolment enquiries are attended to by the Principal or Deputy Principal or you can use the form below.
  • Children can only be admitted into Prep if they will be turning 5 years old before April 30 during their Prep year.
  • The enrolment procedures for children with special needs are incorporated into our school’s Integration Policy.

Enrolment Process
School Tours & Open Days
Enrolment Form
Enrolment Enquiries

Annual School Fees

1 student family – $3270
2 student family – $4388
3 or more student family – $5507

Curriculum levy – $640 per student