Your role in our Energy Action Plan!

St Columba’s has made a number of impressive achievements to date in reducing our energy use, but we’ve got to keep working hard to keep up the good green work!

Our school’s Energy Action Plan each gives us an important job to do to ensure our energy saving progress continues:

Students:  act as our Power Rangers and take charge of turning off any power sources when not in use
Staff:  ensure power sources are turned off at the end of the day and before school holidays. Before turning on the heating or aircon, use blinds, an open window, jumpers on, warm up exercises etc to control temperatures.
The Green Team:  keep track of our our energy use data and work with the EcoCentre and the City of Port Phillip to conduct our audits.
IT Technicians:  set sleep regimes on our IT equipment.
Families:  encourage walking/riding to school and ensure students dress for the weather, i.e. bring a jumper on cool days.

Since 2014, St Columba’s has reduced our electricity by 37% – and by playing your role in our Energy Action Plan we can continue to save our precious resource.