Eco Warriors – Tomorrow’s Leaders for Sustainability

By Mikaela and Angelina, Year 3/4

This term the year 3/4 classes have been looking at energy saving. We’ve learnt how to save energy when not using it. We get energy from underground which is called ‘non-renewable’ energy like coal. I learnt that we will eventually run out of coal and we need to be prepared before this happens. I also learnt that there is a machine which is put under ground and collects the coal. It goes through the pipes which lead to our houses.

Things you can do: when it’s cold, close the door so the heat doesn’t get out. When it’s hot, close the blinds and open the windows instead of using the air conditioner.

We had a lot of fun learning about energy.

The Eco-Warriors got together and we created an Action Plan:

We all play a role in the energy action plan!

  • Students are in charge of ‘turn offs’ as Power Rangers and Computer monitors
  • Staff ensure at the end of day and before school holidays regimes are in place for turning off electrical equipment
  • The Green Team tracks our energy bills and keeps our policies up to date