Eco-warriors learn about mosquitoes in our environment

On Wednesday 19th October, the Year 3/4s had a special guest speaker named Peter Mee. He came in to talk to us about mosquitoes.

Peter is a scientist that works for the state government where he researches mosquitoes. He talked about how they live, grow and how they impact people.

Peter spoke to us about ways to protect ourselves against mosquito bites, but he also told us that mosquitoes are important because they are food for other insects. We learnt about what happens when you get bitten and the impact it has on your skin. Peter showed us real life mosquito larvae and also adult mosquitoes.

It was a great experience because we got to learn more about this tiny insect that we see all the time.

By Thomas C. and Sophie Q.

Guest career speakers from Bay related fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math are being invited to talk about their careers as part of our STEAM Clean the Bay program – generously funded by the Victorian Government.