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Major School Fundraiser – Disco Bingo

Saturday 19 October, 7pm

Book your ticket here (via CDFpay). Tables of 10.

Booking tips:
– Chat to your friends prior to booking so you know which table you want to be on (list is below).
– If you don’t mind where you sit, please select either Table 14 (Ami Stewart) or Table 15 (Silver Convention).

Volunteers needed – sign up here.

Booking Instructions >>

  1. Log-in to CDFpay (or create an account)
  2. Select child (NB – this is parents only event, but CDFpay requires you to select a child)
  3. Click Events > DISCO BINGO TICKETS
  4. Click the small cross (+)
  5. Choose your table
  6. Enter a name for your booking
  7. Select the number of tickets required
  8. Checkout & Pay

Booking issues? Enquire with Julie

Table names:

  1. Bee Gees
  2. ABBA
  3. Village People
  4. Boney M
  5. The Jackson 5
  6. Donna Summer
  7. Kool & The Gang
  8. Leo Sayer
  9. Diana Ross
  10. Leif Garrett
  11. Stevie Wonder
  12. Gloria Gaynor
  13. Earth Wind & Fire
  14. Ami Stewart
  15. Silver Convention

NB – Table names are just for fun and to make it easier to remember when booking. You don’t need to come dressed as that artist/band. You can dress up however you would like!