Alannah and Madeline Foundation Cybersafety Presentation

Last Thursday the school had guest speakers form the Alannah and Madeline Foundation to present information sessions to the students, staff and parents. Thank you for the wonderful support from the parents, it was great to see so many of you there.

Our presenter, Sylvia has passed on some valuable information; please take the time to read and inform yourself around some of the safety issues about being online and using social media and the security available.

Parent information from the session
Children’s eSafety Commissioner
Cloud based security for home – Open DNS

Student reflections
Never put your real personal information online. You can always ask your parents.  Leo, Year 2
You need to as your parents before you go online.   Zara, Year 2
You must ask your parents of you want to go online.   Klara, Year 1
You should only talk to the people you know online – when your parents tell you not to talk to strangers in the real world then we shouldn’t talk or communicate to strangers online. The fun activity we did was creating an avatar.   Matilda, Year 3
We had a story about Bob and Rachael and how they were best friends but they got into an argument and started doing mean things on social media to each other, this was all public for everyone to see. Rachael was going to post a picture of Bob but she then stopped and used the acronym: I learnt that we should report unnecessary, hurtful or untruthful comments to a parent or teacher. It was great to hear about some true stories during the session and to know what to do. Carlos, Year 4
We learnt that by posting an image it can be used to get so much information about you without you realising. It is better to post images of things such as flowers or buildings rather than of yourself. We also learnt that once you sign up to a social media account they have a lot of your personal information and they can use this to share with other accounts. Sylvia used the acronym THINK to help remind us about sharing information or images. She also shared interesting true stories.   Mikaela and Dexter Year 5

Parent Reflection
Overall, I found the presentation informative and Sylvia was an engaging presenter. There was a lot of information delivered during a short time. What I found most useful was the information about social networking and the perceptions that children and teenagers have about it. I was really interested in the right messages for children and teenagers about not only the dangers of social media / internet but the way they should manage their use e.g. response to cyber bullies and how to safely use social media (privacy settings/ digital footprint etc).   Suzie

Staff Reflection
The staff session provided us with some up to date resources for safety and reporting online bullying. Sylvia provided the staff with some excellent resources we can use in the classroom. We will be giving these ago throughout the term.   Chantel