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2019 staff

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Principal Ms Daniella Maddalena

Deputy Principal, Student Wellbeing & Diversity Mrs Bern Bradley

AdministrationMrs Paula Ryan and Ms Julie Roberts

P-2 Literacy Leader Miss Ewelina Podgorska

3-6 Literacy Leader Mrs Brooke Dobric

Innovation & Learning, RE Curriculum & ICT LeaderMrs Natalie Cromie

Maths Leader P-6 – Mr Stuart Andreau-Mill

Sustainability LeaderMiss Stephanie Young

Visual Arts – Ms Bec Long

Language (Mandarin) – Mrs Sarah Huang

Physical Education – Mrs Sharelle Braithwaite

Class teachers

Prep C – Ms Sophie Champion

Prep Y – Miss Stephanie Young

1/2W – Miss Tara Wilkes

1/2P – Miss Ewelina Podgorska and Mrs Angela Saliba

3/4P – Miss Liane Pimenta

3/4BMiss Rachael Bulcock

5/6D – Mrs Brooke Dobric

5/6M – Mr Stuart Andreau-Mill

5/6 – Mrs Carla Howard

Differentiation Support Teacher – Ms Kath Davies

Differentiation Support Teacher – Mrs Angela Saliba

Education support staff

Teacher Aide – Mrs Julie Watson

Teacher Aide – Mrs Freda Minas

Teacher Aide – Mrs Andrea Szkibik

Teacher Aide – Mrs Norma Pullen

Teacher Aide/Library Technician – Mrs Lorraine Everitt

Teacher Aide – Ms Suzie Hansen

Teacher Aide – Mrs Justine Seymour

Teacher Aide – Miss Ruby Eikins

Teacher Aide – Miss Kat Jacobs

Teacher Aide – Mr Jack Milton

Teacher Aide – Mrs Naomi Field

Teacher Aide – Mrs Kylie Marshall