Our Canberra Adventure – Year 5/6 Camp

On Thursday the Year 5/6s returned from their big trip to Canberra. We visited lots of places such as Parliament House, Old Parliament, The Australian War Memorial and The Australian Institute of Sport (AIS). One of our favourite places was Questacon, where we explored lots of things to do with Science and we loved the ‘Drop Slide’, even a few teachers had a go!

At the AIS we were given a tour by Australian athletes and we saw their gym, swimming pool, training area and the volleyball area. We learnt that you need to be very tall to be on the volleyball teams!

At Parliament, at the start we had to go through security and it was very busy. We did a role play in a mock House of Representatives. Mark was the Prime Minister and Amy was the Leader of the Opposition. Then we had a tour and had a peek at the real Question Time where we saw quite a bit of arguing and also Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten. We were very excited! We also got to visit Old Parliament House later in the week where we learnt about the past Prime Ministers and Alexander and Isabel got to dress up as the old and new speakers of the house.

At the War Memorial we took part in the Last Post and two Year 6 students laid a wreath from our school. Some students found the names of family members who had fought in wars. Visiting here made us feel sad but also lucky to have everything that we have.

We learnt so much from all the places like the Geo Science Centre, The Portrait Gallery and The Mint. We had a fantastic bus driver called Mark, who took us to all the places. He even took us on a tour of the Embassies around Canberra. Some of our favourites were the Mexican Embassy and the Japanese Embassy.

Each night we stayed at our camp lodges, where we got to have our meals and share rooms with our cabin mates. We had lots of fun. Our lodge was called PeeWee Lodge. We had a great time and we wanted to thank all the teachers and Andy who came along and looked after us.

By Amy and Isabel
Photos from our trip to Canberra