Water warriors at work

Welcome back to school! The Eco Warriors hope you had a great green Easter!

We have been very busy this year continuing our water saving work.

In term 4 of 2016, all the 3/4s took part in a water audit. The aim was to count and record how many water sources we have in our school. From our audit, we found that we have 12 water bubblers and 18 toilets. Some groups found different amounts so we used an estimate and calculated the average. We learnt that our water flow is between 6-9 liters/minute. We hope to conduct a water audit each year so that we can keep track of taps and water fixtures.

Last term, some of the Eco Warriors created a Water Action Plan where we brainstormed ways we can monitor and reduce our water usage. Below is a copy of what our Action Plan looks like…


St Columba’s Water Action Plan

What we will do Who will do it When will it be done
Place buckets under the drinking taps Sustainability ministers – Jasmine, Mia, Clare and Nicole Term 2 2017
Create posters about the buckets and put on top of the drinking tap areas


Share at assembly

Sustainability ministers – Mia, Jasmine, Clare, Nicole Term 2 2017


Term 2, Week 1

Create and make posters about saving water to stick up around the school Eco Warriors Term 1 2017
Join SWEP to monitor water usage Parent Green Team Term 4 2016 – Term 1 2017
Have an annual water audit Eco Warriors Term 4 2017
Plant native plants Eco Warriors Term 1 2016 and Term 2 2017